copy-banner-_MG_3533.jpg copy-banner-_MG_2190.jpgcopy-banner-_MG_2096.jpg copy-banner-_MG_2193.jpg copy-banner-_MG_7708.jpgcopy-banner-_MG_7712.jpg copy-banner-_MG_7718.jpg copy-banner-_MG_3541.jpg copy-banner-_MG_2099.jpg copy-banner-_MG_2358.jpg copy-banner-_MG_2199.jpg At some point I decided to shoot as an amateur, which basically means I make my living elsewise.  This is how I bought my creative freedom.  I can choose my own topics, listen to my own muse. If however you need some work done, get in touch…  Also, check out my stock work, below.

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