TrailBall - Official Site - Site officiel

TrailBall – Official Site – Site officiel

TrailBall : Mix of Soccer & Running



TrailBall is a sport combining soccer (football) and trail running.  The goal is to advance a ball along an outdoor course, alone or with teams,  using only the feet  to kick the ball.  Many variants exist, allowing players of all physical abilities to enjoy a very energetic workout.  A walking variety, akin to golf, is also available.

Official TrailBall Logo

Official TrailBall Logo

I invented the sport in April 2012 as a complement to my barefoot running sessions. TrailBall can be enjoyed regardless of the type of shoe worn 😉

Complete rules, equipment and player contact information as well as public events, are available on the official site,

Help me promote TrailBall!

I can advise you how to organize intense training sessions, timed competitions, and family-oriented TrailBall events.

Contact me of you’d be interested in advancing the sport.


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